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The Druids Brew E-Liquids attracted fans worldwide since it has been introduced on the market. Originating in North Wales, the Bread of Heaven was the first E-Liquid available in their line. It took 20 years of both scientific and technical experience to bring the first flavour to the world of vaping.

The Bread of Heaven continues to be the number one bestselling in this line of E-Liquids, providing a mellow tobacco vape, which is also sweet and fruity. In response to this huge demand for the popular flavour, Paul Green created the Druids Brew in 2013. Two additional and popular flavours are the Snow Queen, a tobacco menthol that is mysterious and never boring, and Crow Black, a pudding-like vape with a creamy and medium sweet flavour experience. All E-Liquids are available to purchase in both 50ml short fill and 10ml, guaranteed to offers a high-quality vaping experience for anyone who tries them.

Each E-Liquid is created with the purest ingredients to create their original and complex flavours. The artisan flavours are created with a lot of passion and care while both the smell and taste will not leave you disappointed. You will become a loyal and bigger fan with each vaping experiences, and you will delight those around you with the sweet vaping scents.

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