Tobacco Docks E Liquid

Tobacco Docks E-Liquid LogoTaking it's name from a world famous dockland in London, three excellent imports are brought to you right here in the UK. For the more discerning vaper, these three Tobacco Docks flavours are rich and full of character.


Caramel Tobacco by Tobacco Docks eLiquid - 25ml Shortfill - With the right flavours to accompany it, tobacco has a delightfully sweet flavour that's incredibly indulgent. Caramel Tobacco by Tobacco Docks captures the lovely sweetness of tobacco in e-liquid form.

Product Origin:UK
Product Type:Shortfill E Liquids
Pack Size(s):25ml
Brand:Tobacco Docks
Flavour Groups:Candy / Sweets, Tobacco
Flavour Notes:Tobacco, Caramel
Juice Mix:70% VG / 30% PG
Strength(s) In Stock:0mg
£4.98 £7.00 (£4.15 excl. VAT)
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