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Coming in all shapes and sizes and roughly servicing the more novice vaper out there who’s looking for the best, most cost-effective electronic cigarette starter kits, Redjuice offers a range of compact vapour starter kits to all specifications and vaping requirements.

What unites the world of compact vapes is both their simplicity and their relative size: they’re small and therefore incredibly portable and discreet, while at the same time being incredibly hassle-free to charge and refill with your favourite E-Liquids.

From the best mod starter kit to the simple inhale-activated and top-pocket riding vape, you’ll find whichever type of hardware you’re looking to start out with, or buy for its sublime ease of use, listed below with their design merits listed to help you make the best choice.

Redjuice is pleased to offer some of the most popular brands for starter vapers, like the cost-effective PockeX by Aspire, the AIO Kit D19 by Joyetech, and the fist-clenching AIO Box Kit which is proud of its larger body.

There’s same-day dispatch to sweeten your competitively-priced purchase on Redjuice, so that you’ll benefit from having your order shipped straight to your door with speed and efficiency, getting your vaping in no time.

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