Suicide Mods Mouth To Lung Vaping Tanks & Atomisers

When two companies renowned for incredible cloud chasing devices come together to create a flavour focused, MTL RTA, then they have our attention...  The Ether RTA wraps up all of the technology that the Suicide Mods team and the Vaping Bogan have learned to create a restricted inhale tank that puts out more flavour than you can handle! The two post build deck is perfect for single coil builds, with a removable airflow restrictor that sits just below the coil and a domed chamber that's fantastic for dense flavour clouds. The external adjustable airflow ring has a satisfying click as you select your desired setting, from virtually closed up to a a restricted direct inhale, you'll find the one for you.


Gun Metal Stainless Steel
£19.98 (£16.65 excl. VAT)
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