My vape won’t turn on at all?

My vape won’t turn on at all?

We understand that this is possibly the most frustrating thing that can happen to a vaper. The first thing to check is for any signs of life. Depending on the brand, most vapes turn on/off when the fire button is pressed a certain number of times in quick succession. This can be 3, 4, 5 or 6 times, you can always check your user manual for specific instructions for your device. 

On some devices, if the fire button is pushed too hard or if the device has been dropped, it can damage the connections between the button and the circuitry inside. Most fire buttons will click when pushed. If you don’t hear or feel a click, it could mean that the button is broken. 

If the fire button seems okay and your vape still will not turn on, check if it charges. 

For built-in battery devices, plug the device into a USB plug using the cable provided in your kit. Signs of charging vary from brand to brand, but most either display a flashing or solid LED light, or if you have a screen it will show a graphic to show the battery charging. If it indicates it is charging, let this charge for 30-60 minutes and try the previous step again. 

If it doesn’t indicate any charging, this could be an issue with your cable or charging port. Try a different cable/plug. If still nothing, then it is most likely an issue with the device itself. Either the charging port is faulty, the battery has died completely or the display/LED isn’t working properly. Batteries do degrade over time in any device, as is their nature. 

For removable battery devices, check your batteries. Check for any damage to the exterior casing of the battery. If they are heavily used and you notice any tears or dents, it’s likely the batteries that are causing the issue. These damaged batteries should be recycled as soon as possible, as any dents in the battery or tears in the casing can cause a fire. Check our battery safety section here for more information.

If you know your batteries aren’t the issue, you can either use the same method as mentioned earlier, or remove the batteries and charge them externally with an external battery charger. See our available range here. You could also try a different set of batteries if you have them spare. 

If after checking all of these steps your device still isn’t turning on, it’s best to get in touch to see what we can do.