February 10, 2023

What is TPD? 

TPD is an abbreviation for Tobacco Product Directive. Essentially, TPD is responsible for setting the rules for the sale and manufacturing of vaping products in the UK and EU. 

All products that are made and sold in the UK and EU, must be TPD compliant. 

What rules do they set? 

The government provides a full document on what TPD restrictions vaping manufacturers must follow, which you can read here

The key regulations from this document are as follows:

  • Vape tanks/pods can have no larger capacity than 2ml 
  • All e-liquid sold containing nicotine must be in no larger than 10ml bottles, and at a maximum strength of 20mg
  • The maximum strength of nicotine in any vaping products (including disposables) must not exceed 20mg (2%)
  • Similar to tobacco products, all e-liquids that do contain nicotine must display health warnings
  • Manufacturers of e-liquid must provide emissions testing and toxicology data
  • Restrictions on how vaping is advertised

In summary, all manufacturers that sell vaping products in the UK have to submit ‘notification’ to the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). This includes emissions, toxicology and other factors. So what does this mean for vapers? These restrictions are actually a good thing. It ensures that e-liquid sold in the UK and EU are of good quality and safe to use.