How To Guides

February 10, 2023
How To Guides

Here, you will find easy to follow guides on all things vaping. Cannot find what you are looking for? Let us know! We will happily answer any questions you may have, and add any suggestions to this page.

Transitioning from Disposable to Refillable Vapes

The world of vaping has evolved rapidly over the past decade, offering smokers a much less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes. Disposable vapes have been a convenient entry point into vaping, offering pre-filled devices that require no maintenance or refilling. However, as you delve deeper into the world of vaping, you'll quickly realise that...

Calculate Nic Shots For Shortfills

Due to the current TPD laws in force in the UK, E-liquid that contains nicotine cannot be sold in bottles above 10ml. However, you can still add nicotine to a bigger bottle of liquid using Nic Shots.  You can calculate how much nicotine to add to your shortfills by using our handy calculator, or checking the table below. The only thing to be...

Replace A Coil & Clean Your Tank

If you use a pod kit that has pre-filled or built-in coils, this is simply a case of removing the old pod and replacing it with a new one. If your pod is refillable, fill the new pod and let it sit for 10 minutes. This gives the liquid some time to soak into the cotton and prevents dry hits/burning. For devices that have replaceable coils, the...