Replace A Coil & Clean Your Tank

February 10, 2023
Replace A Coil & Clean Your Tank

If you use a pod kit that has pre-filled or built-in coils, this is simply a case of removing the old pod and replacing it with a new one. If your pod is refillable, fill the new pod and let it sit for 10 minutes. This gives the liquid some time to soak into the cotton and prevents dry hits/burning.

For devices that have replaceable coils, the process stays relatively the same from device to device. You can always refer to the user manual provided in the box for steps on how to do this for your specific device. 

1. Empty your tank/pod 

It’s a good idea to do this with an empty tank, whether you finish the juice in there first or empty it out, it saves most of the mess doing it this way. 

2. Removing the coil

You may want to do this over a sink or some tissue paper to catch any excess liquid that is left over. This step can be slightly different depending on what device you’re using. Most pod devices and some tanks use a ‘push fit’ coil system. Removing the coil on these devices is as simple as it sounds. First, remove the pod from the device. The old coil can be pulled out of the pod and discarded. If you have a tank that uses this system (such as the Zeus tank or Falcon 2), you will need to remove the tank from your device, turn it so that it is upside down, and unscrew the bottom section counterclockwise to access the coil. From here it is the same as before, simply pull the old coil out and discard it. 

For standard tanks, most coils are screwed into the base. In this case, remove your tank from the device first and flip it upside down as before. Unscrew the bottom section counterclockwise. This should bring the coil out with it. Once you have removed the base and the coil, you simply unscrew the coil, counterclockwise, from the base. 

3. Cleaning

This step isn’t necessary every time you change the coil, but it is good practice to do it as often as possible, and it’s convenient to do it while changing your coil as your tank/pod is already disassembled. 

Cleaning is really easy, simply run your disassembled tank under some lukewarm water to clear out any gunk or old liquid. Make sure it’s fully dried before using it again.

4. Priming your new coil

This step is very important. Before installing your new coil, add a few drops of your liquid to the cotton in the centre. You don’t need to use much, just enough to soak the cotton (not so much that it leaks out of the bottom). This is called priming and helps to prevent dry hits or burns when you first use the coil. 

5. Reassemble and fill

The final step is to reassemble your tank/pod. For pods, simply push the newly primed coil into the pod. You’ll feel when it’s correctly fitted as it will be fitted straight, and should feel snug. For tanks, screw your new coil into the base clockwise, fit the glass back on if you have removed it, and screw the top section of the tank into the top of the coil. From here, simply fill your device with the liquid of your choice, and leave it to sit for 10-15 minutes. This gives the juice as much chance as possible to soak the cotton before use and again prevents those nasty dry hits. 

6. Set your wattage 

If you have a device that has variable wattage, make sure you set the device to the correct wattage for your coil. If you’re not sure what your coil is rated for, it normally is written on the coil itself, either on the side or bottom. Otherwise, you can always check our website for the coils you are using, and what they are rated for.