Calculate Nic Shots For Shortfills

February 10, 2023
Calculate Nic Shots For Shortfills

Due to the current TPD laws in force in the UK, E-liquid that contains nicotine cannot be sold in bottles above 10ml. However, you can still add nicotine to a bigger bottle of liquid using Nic Shots. 

You can calculate how much nicotine to add to your shortfills by using our handy calculator, or checking the table below. The only thing to be mindful of is how much space you have in your bottle. Most manufacturers only leave enough space to make the liquid 3mg, and so you may have to either use some first, or decant into another bottle.

Nic Shot CalculatorNic Shot Calculator

Use this simple Nic Shot Calculator to see what strength nicotine shots to mix with your shortfills to get your desired finished strength. We would not recommend mixing any regular short fill to above 5.7mg finished strength as the flavour would become too diluted.