The coil is the most important part of any vape. It’s the part of the device that creates the vapour you inhale, so looking after it is important. Generally, we recommend changing your coil every 5-10 days. But again, this is subjective. Some people find their coils last less than this, some find their coil can last 2-3 weeks before changing. As a general rule of thumb, once you start losing flavour in your vape, or it starts to taste burnt, it’s time to change your coil. It all depends on what liquid you use, how you vape and how often. 

Coil resistance (Ohms)

Different coils have different ‘Ohm’ ratings, or resistance. This ranges from 0.1 - 3ohms depending on the style of your vape. Sub-ohm tanks refer to coils that have a resistance of lower than 1.0 ohms. standard coils are anything above this. 

So how does this affect your vape? Sub-ohm coils tend to be warmer, run at a higher wattage and create more flavour and vapour. These coils are perfect for direct inhale or DTL tanks, and for a liquid with a higher level of VG (vegetable glycerine). Standard coils are more suited for mouth to lung (MTL) kits, as they run at a much lower wattage and produce less vapour, perfect for 50% PG 50% VG liquids. 

Most coils will have their resistance and wattage rating written on the coil, either on the side or bottom depending on the brand. It’s helpful to check this if your device has variable wattage so that you know what to set the wattage to. Some devices don’t have variable wattage, and just have ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ and ‘High’ strength settings. In which case, we’d advise to set it on low to begin with and turn it up as needed. 

Coil Lifespan

Coils do wear out over time, and so you will need to change these regularly . The timeframe in which you change your coil, is dependent on a few things. These are how often you use it, what kind of liquid you use as well as what wattage you run the coil at. 

There are a few things you can do to lengthen the lifespan of your coil, such as checking what mixture of PG / VG you are using, and trying different flavours. 

For coils at a resistance of 0.6ohm and higher, higher VG liquids will shorten your coil lifespan. Ideally for higher resistances you’d want to use a mixture of around 50% VG / 50% PG. For resistances lower than this, higher VG liquids are perfect.

It also is worth trying different flavours. Most vapers tend to find that sweeter liquids burn through coils faster, due to the sweeter flavourings. 

Finally, make sure you’re running your coil at an appropriate wattage. As mentioned earlier, different coils have different ‘Ohm’ ratings, which is the level of resistance they have. This means they each require a certain amount of power to efficiently vaporise the liquid they hold. Most coils will have their resistance and recommended wattage written on the packaging, or on the coil itself. Simply check what the recommended wattage is for your coil, and set your device accordingly.

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