Top 50 Hardware (Sales Chart)

Sometimes, the sheer number of options for vape kits, mods and tanks can be a little overwhelming. That’s why Redjuice has listed a handy chart of the top 50 sellers for your browsing pleasure, organised with the best-selling items first.

While experienced vapers are rightly enthusiastic about niche products and the newest tech, it is always useful to consult the wisdom of popular opinion when it comes to what vaping hardware you should be interested in, whether that be a simple mini-volt spare to add to your battery collection, or a new, strong tank to replace a cracked inferior.

The list below will help cut a corner in terms of hardware research; you’ll be able to view all the specs, as well as the ratings, of the items below with a single click, with each and every product on the list a deserving recognition as some of the finest, most durable and best-looking bits of kit on the UK market.

Presently topping the charts are such products as the Aspire Cleito Sub Ohm Tank with its maximised airflow design, its counterpart the Aspire Cleito 120 Tank 2ml - a ‘Maxi-Watt’ tank - and the iStick Power by Eleaf, a battery operating on 5000mAh capacity.

If something takes your fancy, Redjuice will be pleased to offer same-day dispatch and competitive rates, ensuring your hardware purchase is both cost-effective and speedily delivered to you for the exciting reassembly of your E-Cigarette.